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Iran beat China, Australia get crucial win

samurai swordIran’s Mehdi Taremi (right) in action against China during a 2018 World Cup qualifier in Tehran on March 28, 2017

Iran’s Mehdi Taremi dealt China’s World Cup hopes a major blow on Tuesday, as Australia grabbed a crucial win over UAE to stay in the hunt for an automatic spot at Russia 2018.

Australia, however, can take nothing for granted as they lie in third spot with 13 points after Japan and Saudi Arabia also won to jointly go three points clear in Group B with 16.

Japan ended Thailand’s campaign with a 4-0 victory in Saitama, and South Korea squeezed past Syria 1-0 to get back on track after last week’s upset to China.

Saudi Arabia grabbed three points in Jeddah with Yahya al-Shehri scoring the winner in the 53rd minute for a 1-0 victory over Iraq, who languish in fifth place with just four points.

Marcello Lippi’s team had raised Chinese hopes with their 1-0 win over the Koreans, but Taremi’s goal straight after half-time consigned them to defeat by the same scoreline.

While Iran, Asia’s top-ranked team, maintain their four-point cushion from South Korea at the top of Group A, China are second from bottom with only three games to go.

China are pumping huge resources into football in an effort to lift themselves among the sport’s elite, starting with qualifying for only the second World Cup in their history.

But they may now have to win all of their remaining games against Syria, Uzbekistan and Qatar to reach next year’s tournament in Russia.

In Sydney, Australia badly needed a win against UAE and after a game featuring 42 fouls they ran out 2-0 victors thanks to goals from Jackson Irvine and Mathew Leckie.

It allowed the Socceroos to keep pace with Japan and Saudi Arabia in Group B as they hunt for the top-two finish which will give them an automatic berth in Russia.

But the result spelled doom for UAE’s under-fire coach Mahdi Ali, who announced his resignation from the 2019 Asian Cup hosts following five years at the helm.

– ‘Incredibly happy’ –

Japan had little trouble in their four-goal stroll in Saitama, which featured a 50th international strike for Leicester City forward Shinji Okazaki.

Japan’s forward Keisuke Honda (L) hits the ball on his head during group B World Cup 2018 qualifying football match between Japan and Thailand in Saitama on March 28, 2017

Shinji Kagawa gave the best sword for slashing and cutting hosts the lead in their Asian Group B qualifier with a sharp finish after eight minutes, before Okazaki thundered home a diving header to bring up his half-century in swashbuckling style.

Okazaki’s landmark goal, on his 108th Japan appearance, came on 19 minutes in Saitama and effectively killed the contest.

Yuya Kubo and Maya Yoshida added further goals for the Blue Samurai after the break and Eiji Kawashima saved a late penalty from Adisak Kraisorn to deny Thailand a consolation.

“I’m incredibly happy to get that goal,” Okazaki told reporters. “I hadn’t scored for a while so it was a relief. Hopefully I can keep on scoring goals for Japan.”

“We’re not at the World Cup yet,” he added. “We have to make sure we keep taking our chances and win our remaining games.”

Elsewhere, China-based Hong Jeong-Ho struck in the fourth minute as Uli Stielike’s South Korea beat Syria 1-0 to remain second in Group A.

Australia’s Jackson Irvine (2nd right) scores with a header against the United Arab Emirates during a World Cup qualifier in Sydney on March 28, 2017

Qatar’s already slim hopes of qualifying for the tournament also vanished as they went down to Uzbekistan 1-0 in Tashkent.

After their acrimonious 1-0 loss to Iran last week in Doha, Qatar were desperately looking for a miracle but a cracking 65th minute free-kick from Odil Akhmedov put paid to their hopes at the Bunyodkor Stadium.

Qatar continue to languish at the bottom of Group A with just four points after losing five of their seven games.

The Uzbeks, who also have never qualified for the World Cup finals before, are in third spot with 12 points, just one point behind South Korea with three games left.

Facts, Fiction and Samurai Sword

What Samurai Sword Is – and What it Is Not

Viking Swords are not just beautiful and ideal for display buybestsword in your residence or workplace. Irrespective of which one which you select, just be certain which you are mindful of the simple fact that none of these martial arts are intended to be an offensive discipline. Being a real samurai meant to cause your own protection and for the security of your family members, country and their people.
It differs from wrestling, as it does not rely upon muscular strength. Additional attacks aren’t declared by battle markers. It’s dominated by speed.
You’re a strong and inspirational tool to lead other people to success in their everyday living. The very first situation to recognise is this notion is hardly likely to be revolutionary. There is in fact not any way around this.
Samurai Sword – Overview

Because medieval swords are available in many distinct shapes, sizes, weights, and lengths buying a sword then attempting to match this up with a rack may be a tricky approach. Another of the crucial elements that assist with achieving this functionality is that the swords are created using two unique metals that are forged and re-forged many times to be able to make a complicated crystalline structure. Shinai is employed in Kendo, which is a Japanese kind of fencing.
It had a very long hilt and may be as lengthy as 1.2 meters in length. If a wakizashi’s length is like a katana, it is known as o-wakizashi, and whether the length is comparable to a tanto, it is known as ko-wakizashi. Through the utilization of these swords you are going to be in a position to put money into a weapon that is affordable and can likewise be utilized and also sharpened repeatedly because of its construction.
This specific model contains a gold dragon theme throughout the building of what’s a premium-styled red katana. At the exact least, it’s very difficult to predict how an exact colorful tattoo will appear. The finest functional design is a complete tang.
The collector should not wash the tang of a sword because it includes a lot of information concerning the age of the blade and credibility of the signature. It is an exact sharp, and robust blade made from 1055 carbon steel. The steel is subsequently smelted.
It’s a process which demands hand finishing. Just as you would anticipate, good care is taken to make an extremely polished and sharpened weapon. This all is a huge significant hassle and the best method to locate and purchase a sword is online shops.
The genius of the conventional samurai sword maker was supposed to combine both sorts of steel within a weapon. It may appear to you that it will be quite expensive to get a sword but you need to search on the net and see the results yourself, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Initially, the real swords he made just weren’t the highest quality.
Weapons which are called Japanese swords are easily obtainable in the marketplace, but if you are searching for the actual deal a samurai would use in battle you should receive a katana. So the Japanese swordsmiths began mixing both metals with each other to form a real reliable and long-lasting fighting sword. Authentic Japanese swords or shinken are really rare, so should you want to obtain an authentic piece you’ll need to save your money.
Yet, remember to are ready to pay an immense price tag for a 100 y.o. Yari, Naginata or Katana. The Katana is among the absolute most well-known weapons. When you get the hang of things it is possible to attempt a customary Katana.
The samurai katana is among the most well-known swords in history. Katana swords are produced from carbon steel. The katana sword is among the absolute most common Japanese swords made.

Stunning photos of Japanese horseback archery in Tokyo

samurai swordYabusame is an ancient tradition started by samurais during the Japanese feudal period.Taro Karibe/Getty

Japan is home to some what kind of sword did the samurai use the oldest traditions and rituals in the world.

On November 3, the country celebrated its national Culture Day, with locals participating in parades, ceremonies, and a sacred sport called Yabusame.

Yabusame is a ritual based on martial arts that formed during Japan’s feudal period.

From around 1185 right up until 1867, Japan was ruled by military dictators called “Shoguns.” Each region was run by different feudal lords who kept samurais – the equivalent to knights in medieval Europe.

Yabsame competitions, which involve horseback archery, evolved as a way for feudal lords to test their samurais on accuracy, skill, and strength.

Today, it is considered a religious ritual rather than an athletic tournament. Competitions take place all over the country throughout the year. In Tokyo, people flock to the city’s Menji Shrine to watch archers compete in Yabusame.

Take a look at the ancient pageantry.

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‘Game of Thrones’ season 6 episode 7 preview


Yara and Theon are planning out their revenge on Uncle Euron, Jaime’s heading to Riverrun, and Sansa is continuing her triumphant battle of bringing the Starks back to power. HBO released the teaser for the next episode of “Game of Thrones,” season six, episode seven, “The Broken Man.”

We’ll also see Jon Snow showing off his new Samurai Sword; Read the Full Piece of writing, look as Tormund convinces the Wildlings to fight by his side to take back the North. And after this week’s episode, which brought back a long missing character, we may get the return of another fan favorite.

Check out the teaser for the episode below:

Enhance Your Collection With Authentic Samurai Swords

One of the recognizable deadliest weapons in the world is the Samurai Sword (click through the up coming web site). These swords have been an iconic symbol of Japan for centuries. The basic designs of authentic samurai swords have remained consistent over the centuries. Recently in San Jose, the annual ‘Spirit of Japantown Festival’ was celebrated. Along with other things, the visitors were able to get samurai swords evaluated free of charge as well. An expert from the San Francisco Sword Society was present. The participants were very happy to get the chance of consulting with the experts.

The Japanese ‘tachi’, a precursor to the more popular ‘katana’ first appeared around 600 A.D. The long, curved, one-bladed Katanas are considered as authentic samurai swords. These were developed during the 10th century and were used to carry out surprise attacks on the enemies. The warriors used to wear these swords on their belts, with the bladed side facing upwards. Two other popular shorter samurai swords are the Tanto and Wakizashi. Only the samurai warriors are allowed to carry these swords in pair.

After World War II, the US had banned the productioOne of the recognizable deadliest weapons in the world is the Samurai Sword. These swords have been an iconic symbol of Japan for centuries. The basic designs of authentic samurai swords have remained consistent over the centuries. Recently in San Jose, the annual ‘Spirit of Japantown Festival’ was celebrated. Along with other things, the visitors were able to get samurai swords evaluated free of charge as well. An expert from the San Francisco Sword Society was present. The participants were very happy to get the chance of consulting with the experts.

The Japanese ‘tachi’, a precursor to the more popular ‘katana’ first appeared around 600 A.D. The long, curved, one-bladed Katanas are considered as authentic samurai swords. These were developed during the 10th century and were used to carry out surprise attacks on the enemies. The warriors used to wear these swords on their belts, with the bladed side facing upwards. Two other popular shorter samurai swords are the Tanto and Wakizashi. Only the san of samurai swords. However, the ban was lifted afterwards under the condition that these would be made and owned only for the artistic value. As many US soldiers secretly bought authentic samurai swords, many could be found in the US till today. However, most of the swords found today are for display only and not to be used in any type of combat.

Authentic samurai swords are made from Japanese steel known as Tamahagane. Two different steels, a softer one inside and a harder one wrapped around it, are combined to make the blade. Thus the blade has a hard, razor sharp edge for cutting and the core is able to absorb shocks, reducing the chance of getting the blade broken or bent. File markings are done on the sword-blade, which are used to assess the aging of the steel. There are many companies that make replica of authentic samurai swords. The swords are made with a great deal of decoration to make them more appealing.

If you are interested in collecting samurai swords, log onto Swordandaxe.com. They are one of the first online supplier of handmade weapons since 2000. You can get the finest quality katana swords here at affordable prices. They carry many brands of authentic samurai swords made by renowned forgers like Cas Hanwei, Cheness, Cold Steel, United Cutlery, Musashi, and many more. They are always ready to assist you in any way both before and after the purchase.

Boy surfer photo-bombed by shark in Australia

A 10-year-old surfer has had a close encounter with a photo-bombing shark that shared a wave with him off an Australian beach.

Chris Hasson said he was taking photos of his son Eden riding a wave off Samurai Beach at Port Stephens, 110 miles north of Sydney, on Tuesday when something unexpected and indistinct caught his eye.

He discovered he had photographed the face of a twisting shark just below the surface with his son on an apparent collision course.

10-year-old Eden Hasson, surfs near what is believed to be a great white shark at Samurai Sword (mouse click the up coming web site) Beach, Port Stephens, Australia (Chris Hasson/AP)

Mr Hasson says shark experts have since told him it was a juvenile great white about 8ft long.

James Cook University shark researcher Andrew Chin said the photographed shark was possibly a small great white.

Eden was not injured.

5 Movie References Of Katana Samurai Sword?

samurai swordSome Of The Movies That Shown Us Katana Samurai Sword (visit this site right here):

Equilibrium (2002)
Can you remember one of the classic movies of Christian Bale, Equilibrium? Though it is not an out and out samurai movie but the way katana is shown is just breathtaking. Though it is known as Christian Bale movie, but John Preston is as close as you’re likely to get in the dystopian future of Equilibrium. The katana in the center of the film’s most eye-popping fight scenes including the hyper-violent finale is just something everyone remembers.Katana for sale just round the corner, anyone?

Kill Bill
In both two the parts of the movie, Kill Bill I & II the sword fight using Katana is just a horror film to watch. Kill Bill is a revenge movie set up in different parts of the world. Once you watch the movie, there is no way that you can ever forget the fight sequence between the two fiery girls. Though the fight looks horrifyingly scary and dangerous but with the poise both of the ladies perform the act is just stunning.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II
Who is not in love with the scene where the giant snake Nagini comes out with the sword to save the day against the Neville? Harry Potter is ofcourse the favourite of all ages starting from kids to adults to the elders. Though there was also a stumbling sword fight in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ which too was amazing. But still the better visualization goes to Harry Potter. So, now are you searching a katana for sale?

The fight between Highlander vs. Kurgan is something to remember. Highlander is one of the most technically perfect movies that consists of pretty much everything. The movie has Sean Connery running around in lacy outfits pretending to be Spanish. Do not deny but these are the most delightful moments of the film. Same as the funny and light factors, Highlander fights Kurgan are as good.

Matrix Reloaded
This is not a movie that everyone would like, it have a very specific taste taste. What will grab everyone’s eyeballs are the severe fight scenes, especially the fight sequence between Neo and the Chateau. In this sequence at Merovingian’s chateau, loads and loads of weapons are used as they have found the katana for sale but that didn’t take away the sword moment.

Most of the sword fights in movies that consists of Katana is a revenge movie. It is a myth that people are trying to promote violence but it is an art-form. Practicing and performing Saurai fight is an art-form. It can be physically and mentally relaxing for the person to practice this regularly. It is not at all an easy task but requires years and years of practice and discipline.

Market Samurai – My Review

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:”Times New Roman”; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400; One of the best breakthroughs in the contemporary world is the creation of global and online communities. It is a definitely vital pointer to remember that knowing the most effective tool for your online business will deliver a lucrative output. Market Samurai for instance is a highly preferred keyword research tool that has proven its efficiency in the challenging industry.

This software has proven its worth and effectiveness either for PPC marketing or search engine optimization. It gives you the data on how to determine important traffic volumes as well as other related information to access this data. This tool is the best you must avail for market research planning and making it big in this industry.

This renowned and preferable tool is basically created for keyword research. In order to know if this system basically works and functions, it is imperative to explore the different features and specs of this tool. Know how it basically works and what it does for your online endeavors and most importantly if it meets the promises of the hype.

Ed Dale is the brains behind this invention which started since 2008 as a product of a four-year development project. His labor is likewise a part of his 30 Day Challenge and ever since its debut, it has undeniably made remarkable outputs in its functionality as a reliable keyword search software.

Take note that Market samurai warrior weapons is basically a tool for keyword search which utilizes a simpler and foolproof method. It provides vital and comprehensive data especially about Keyword Competition and the needed estimates or quotes for AdWords cost per Click. There are other salient information you may get out of this tool which primarily includes SEO or search engine optimization estimates and traffic as well as estimates on AdWords.

The revolutionary and highly functional feature of this keyword search tool is likewise a great source which is filled with versatile and a wide array of specifications. This software enables you to get what your money is worth and it never fails. Individual keyword analysis is one of the most functional features it gives. Knowledge of these keywords and their ranking difficulties allows you to have a good glimpse of what to expect and choose in entering a niche market.

It is imperative to note that Market Samurai is a dependable tool for keyword search which upgrades and develops its features. Those who use this system are given the tool to track their ranking progress and performance through the use of a number of keywords. Aside from being an easy to use source, it also allows you to gauge your SEO progress and the development of your work.

When it comes to the most powerful keyword search tools in the contemporary industry, Market Samurai is undoubtedly the topmost choice! It gives you the most accurate data you need along with the complimentary tools to use such as SEO Competition Analysis. This system ensures an edge for lucrative online ventures through measuring the full potentials of the keywords you use.

Injured Japan skipper Hasebe to miss World Cup qualifiers

TOKYO, March 19 (Reuters) – Japan captain Makoto Hasebe is to undergo surgery on a knee injury and will miss the World Cup qualifiers against the United Arab Emirates and Thailand over the next two weeks.

samurai swordThe 33-year-old defensive midfielder suffered the injury in Bundesliga action against Bayern Munich last weekend and his club Eintracht Frankfurt said on Saturday he would require an operation.

Hasebe, an integral member of Vahid Halilhodzic’s side, was injured when he collided with a goalpost while clearing a Thomas Muller shot off the line.

Japan are second in Asian third round qualifying Group B, tied on points with group leaders Saudi Arabia and one clear of Australia in third place.

The top two from the group receive spots in the finals in Russia in 2018 while the third-placed team can also qualify via two playoff rounds, the second against a CONCACAF team.

The Blue Samurai Sword (click this over here now) take on the UAE in Al Ain on Thursday and the Thais in Saitama five days later.

Japan lost 2-1 to the UAE at home in their opening match of the round and will be desperate to get their revenge in Al Ain to keep up the pace at the top of the group.

Halilhodzic named Hasebe in his squad for the matches on Thursday, when he was under the impression that his captain was back in training despite the injury.

“(He) is a very strong captain for us,” the Bosnian told reporters. “Having a team without him in it is unthinkable.”

Hasebe has won 104 caps for Japan and played in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups finals, the last two of five straight appearances at soccer’s international showpiece for the Blue Samurai. (Reporting by Nick Mulvenney in Sydney, editing by Andrew Both)

41 Inch Turquoise Samurai Sword with Cotton Sword Bag

This is a story of a teenage boy who always wanted a sword. This boy was named Harry. He was easily influenced by anime and samurai movies. Harry always wanted to be a samurai. He wanted to be able to fight and act like a samurai. This teenage boy wanted to be tough and strong, and what better way to learn than to read a 41 Inch Turquoise Samurai Sword with Cotton Sword Bag review.

This helped Harry find out which sword he wanted. He knew that he wanted the Turquoise Samurai Sword. It was his favorite one out of all of them. With it, he gets the multi-toned painted Tsuba. There is also original blade engraving along with a glossy black lacquered scabbard.

This sword will stare all his friends and enemies in the face. He can’t take the sword to school with him, but he would love to show it off to all his class mates. On the 41 Inch Turquoise Samurai Sword with Cotton Sword Bag review, he read that it also comes with an exquisite cotton cord wrapped hardwood handle in turquoise.

This review made Harry fall in love with the sword even more. He wanted everything that was included with that sword, even the metal fittings. He could practice day and night on his samurai skills. Yes, he’s only taken karate, but he knows that he can pick up some moves. Harry felt confident enough to use this sword. He constantly bugged his parents to buy him one, but they wouldn’t budge.

That was until Harry decided to work after school. He washed dishes at a pizza place. This helped him save up the money for $50 sword. This showed his parents how responsible he was and how much he wanted this sword.

Day after day, he read the 41 Inch Turquoise Samurai Sword; official statement, with Cotton Sword Bag review. Finally, he could actually purchase it. After a week, Harry received the sword. He couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It was as big and bold as the review described.

In no time, he was showing it off to his friends. They couldn’t believe the sword as well. Harry’s friends were so jealous of him!

Harry tried practicing with his sword, but it ended up scaring his parents. Instead, he displayed it on his book case. Even though he doesn’t use it as much, he’s still proud of his sword. With his hard work, he was able to invest into it. He still watches anime and samurai movies with his sword by his side. He felt proud of himself and his love of the Japanese warriors.